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Relax. Relate. Release.

Relax. Relate. Release., or RRR, is a community-engaged project that I began in 2018. I invite participants to take a seat and write a response to a question that is tossed into the center of the installation. Satin hair bonnets inspired the project's formal elements; they've since become a visual language in my work that is a metaphor for protection, resistance, and comfort. The goal is to stimulate reflection and conversations in what I consider to be a meditative space for those who seek to maintain their dignity in the face of prejudice, aggression, and violence. There are six cushions or "bonnet seats" surrounding the focal piece and another larger bonnet that holds the completed responses. Depending on where you sit, you are asked a different question. Each seat has a single word on it: Radiant, Magical, Determined, Bold, Strong, and Brilliant. Essentially, you choose a word, or if there is only one seat left, the word chooses you. 


Relax. Relate. Release. From 2018 to the present, the center circle is 8ft, and the surrounding cushions are 3ft x 3ft.
Velvet, textile foil, bean bag filler, lavender notes, and synthetic velour.


Protection Politics, 2022, 3ft x 14ft
Lavender Notes featuring written reflections from 72 Black American women, Brave Purple Paint, and Acrylic Sheets. Installation view, CURRENTS: Identity Politics, curated by Christan Camacho-Light and Roxana Fabius, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

The phrase Protection Politics in my work is about self-preservation and self-governing. What are the ways that we maintain our dignity when faced with tribulations? Is it through affirmations and perseverance, as seen in the responses from RRR? And are these coping devices a form of defense developed for our survival? 


Protection Politics, (detail)


Protection Politics, (selected participant samples)

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